Navitas TSX3.0 600A 48V Controller Kit for Yamaha YDRE G29 Golf Carts

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Plug and Play 600Amp Programmable Controller with harness for 48V Yamaha YDRE G29 Golf Carts.

What you can expect:

- Full performance programmability from your Mobile Phone

- Increases speed

- Increases motor torque significantly

- Compatible with standard Solenoid and vehicle wiring

Optional OTF 1.0 (On the fly) Programmer for quickly controlling performance. Live data for monitoring the vehicle in real-time with the ability for fault diagnosis.

Bluetooth app (Navitas Dashboard) available for both iPhone and Android. 

Although they are not required, Regar Australia recommends upgraded 2 gauge battery cables.

If you are combining with Lithium - All Lithium batteries use a BMS (Battery Management System). Each brand of Lithium Battery will have a different continuous current limit set in the BMS, for example, 200 amps continuous for 10 seconds could result in the BMS shutting down. Because the Navitas offers additional programmability, it could be possible that the programming pushes the battery outside of the BMS parameters. This may result in the vehicle shutting down in certain circumstances. The solution is to program the current limit on the Navitas to be within the BMS limitations.

This kit includes:

- Navitas TXS3.0 600A 48V Controller (10-000685)

- TSX Harness for Yamaha YDRE 48V G29 (40-000513)

OPTIONAL OTF Dashboard pictured but is NOT included.