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Lithium Golf Cart Battery full Conversion Kit - Club Car Precedent, Tempo, Onward & DS

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*** New LINKS model with on/off switch and metal case.

Convert your lead acid Golf Cart to Lithium. Benefits of Lithium:

  • Remove over 150 kilograms of weight from your golf cart.
  • Improved performance in acceleration, braking, handling.
  • Much faster charging - Up to 80% in first 2 hours
  • No maintenance - No more putting water in your batteries!
  • Longer run-time. 
  • Much longer life than flooded lead acid batteries.

Lithium golf cart batteries are better than lead acid by every measure. The only thing holding back growth has been cost and complexity of install. With this lithium golf cart conversion kit, this all changes. The cells are cleverly fitted to regular GC8 battery case size (same as standard lead acid 6v/8v golf cart battery) means you can fit the batteries using factory mounting and brackets - You can even retain original battery cables, although you may choose to replace them if they are showing any signs of corrosion).

An external fast-charger is also included. Battery charger is pre-plugged with standard Club Car plug, it's really plug and play.

State of Charge meter is included for monitoring battery performance and diagnostics.

How many batteries do I need? Each battery contains 27 amp hours of capacity. Think about amp hours as litres of petrol in your cars fuel tank. One 27Ah battery will work but you wont be able to drive very far. Two batteries will give you 54 amp hours (27Ah + 27Ah) which is enough for one round of golf at most golf courses with a bit of capacity to spare. Three batteries will give you 81 amp hours offering 50% more range, this is suitable for two rounds with remaining capacity. The four battery kit (108 amp hours), enables you to travel even further.

What's right for you is subjective but consider this, range is reduced by hills, unsealed surfaces as well as added weight. If you have a four seater, you are going to need more capacity than a two seater to cover the same range. Lift kits, larger wheels and other modifications can also increase power consumption and reduce range.

Most customers choose two, three of four batteries depending on their needs. If you are playing one round of golf on a fairly flat golf course than usually two batteries in a standard golf cart works well. If you are using the golf cart for travel as well as golf and/or it's a four seater, we would strongly recommend at least three batteries (81Ah).

Kit contents:

  • 51.2V 27Ah LiFePO4 Batteries (in standard size 8v golf cart battery case)
  • Lithium Fast Charger with Club Car Plug
  • Battery Gauge

Time to install: We completed the full install in under 30 minutes using basic tools.

Compatibility: This kit is designed specifically for later model ERIC Club Car Precedent Golf Carts from 2014 or newer with 6x8v batteries. Will work with any make/model 48V Golf Cart however some modifications may be required.

For Club Car models from 2004 to 2013, an OBC bypass is required. We can provide instructions on how to do this but it is important to understand that the OBC onboard will need to be bypassed for the Lithium Charger to work correctly.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Although installation is very simple, when installing, these must be wired in parallel and not series. This means the wiring is different to your standard golf cart battery as a normal golf cart battery in wired in series, multiplying the voltage of each battery to reach 48V. As each of these batteries is 48V, these must be wired in parallel to multiply capacity, rather than voltage. Please refer to pictures included in listing as reference.

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