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Golf Cart Hand Pump FlowRite Battery Watering Fill Club Car Yamaha EZGO BA-MS-634

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FlowRite hand pump (BA-MS-634) for adding water to your golf cart batteries.

FlowRite is the OEM single point filling system supplier for lots of golf carts. The single point filling system is standard on most golf carts including all Club Car models from 2009 on. These filling systems are also commonly added to batteries on older golf cart models.

The pump includes the FlowRite connector which connects directly to the FlowRite filling system on top of your batteries.

Sourced from USA, very good quality and long lasting product.

Please Note - Not compatible with BWT filling systems (usually they have a Blue/Grey connector, FlowRite has a Black connector, contact us if you are unsure).

Instructions for use:

1. Connect the pump to the single point filling system connector by pressing them together.

2. Place the other end (the pickup) of the hand pump into a source of distilled/deionised water.

3. Squeeze the pump repeatedly, you can see and feel the water travelling through the pump. Repeat this process until the bulb of the hand pump is firm.

4. Release the clip on the connector, being careful not to spill any excess water remains in pump.