51.2V (48V) 27Ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery (Replaces lead-acid batteries) Club Car Yamaha EZGO

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Replace your standard lead-acid golf cart batteries easily!

How do these batteries work? This 48V Lithium battery is a direct replacement for a standard 8v lead acid deep cycle golf cart battery (for example, Trojan T875) as found in nearly all electric golf carts. Simply remove your existing lead-acid battery and replace them with Lithium.

Each battery is 27Ah in capacity. At a minimum, we recommend two to give you 54Ah.  You can add a third battery to give you 81Ah for extra range. If you require additional range you can continue adding 27Ah capacity as desired.

You will need a Lithium charger to go with this. Do not use your standard golf cart charger with this battery. Please see charger compatible with this setup by clicking here.

Why go Lithium? There are many benefits to upgrading to Lithium but the main ones are:

- No more putting water in your batteries.

- Charges far more quickly than a lead-acid battery. As fast as 3 hours for a 54Ah setup.

- Long life. A lead acid battery is capable of around 300-500 cycles. A lithium battery can be cycled 2500+ times. This means these batteries will last significantly longer than a lead-acid battery in the same conditions.

- Significantly reduces the weight of your golf cart cart. This means more efficient energy consumption (longer run time), faster top speed, better acceleration, better handling and braking.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Although installation is very simple, when installing, these must be wired in parallel and not series. This means the wiring is different to your standard golf cart battery as a normal golf cart battery in wired in series, multiplying the voltage of each battery to reach 48V. As each of these batteries is 48V, these must be wired in parallel to multiply capacity, rather than voltage. Please refer to pictures included in listing as reference.